Help your vendors cashflow at a time when their home requires a high quality Marketing Plan and perhaps a bit of home improvement.

Real Estate Funders, by financing your vendors marketing campaign fees and some home improvement costs will ensure an easy solution to progressing the listing and easing the burden on the home owner.Pons4

Many vendors prefer to spread the expense of their marketing campaign and improvements over monthly payments especially when they may have spent considerable money previously preparing their home for sale.

With Real Estate Funders, your agency receives 100% of the marketing fees costs paid upfront whilst your vendor enjoys the flexibility of a 3 month Payment Holiday followed by easy monthly instalments over 6 months along with a loan solution for home improvements.

As an agent you get past the Marketing Plan Cost Roadblock  and confirm the listings quicker with less stress to the homeowner.




  • A simple, hassle free approach to funding the marketing fees and home improvement costs for your homeowners.

  • Break the listing signing hurdle... up-sell increased marketing when you are able to offer competitive low cost time payment terms

  • Your agency receives payment for the marketing plan within 24 hours of the homeowners acceptance. This results in quick and effective marketing campaign deployment and often a campaign up-sell.

  • Your client appreciates the flexibility of an installment based payment regime. Often marketing & home improvement costs are a significant cashflow problem which are more easily paid on settlement or via 6 x monthly installments.

  • Surprise the home owner with our 3 month Payment Holiday Period

  • Another line of credit without the traditional credit hassle.

  • Sell-in tools supplied at no cost to enable your business to offer Real Estate Funders payment options to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you fund?

Marketing Fees plus Home Improvement costs i.e Staging, Landscaping, Painting, Simple Renovations and more…. (just ask!)

Is there any Cost to the Agent / Agency?

Absolutely $0.00 cost to Agent or Agency.

How quickly will you process my application?

All applications are processed within 24 hours.

What term is the marketing & home improvement loan repaid over?

Our Marketing and Improvement loans have an initial Payment Holiday period of 3 months. Your homeowner will hopefully sell and settle the loan within this period. If the home doesn’t settle within this period, then the loan payments will start after the 90 days of the initial application and continue for 6 months with installments payable monthly

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